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CrtrGrl and I supported the Global Climate Strike on 9/20/2019 in Oceanside, CA, which included over 4 million people worldwide. It was led by the youth, walking out of classrooms to strike for action on Climate Change. The reason I am striking for the #ClimateCrisis is in order to preserve a stable climate for my son. We need to unite behind the science and treat it as the existential crisis it is. We must treat nature as a sacred temple that is essential to our life, essential to our future. Because it is.

As a nature photographer, scuba diver and backpacker, I get to see and photograph things that most people don’t. Anthropogenic Climate Change is altering the chemistry of our atmosphere and also our oceans. Without global action, it will continue to worsen, eventually destroying all coral reefs, drastically changing rainfall/forest fire patterns and causing increasing sea level rise.

The turnout and enthusiasm of our Carlsbad, Vista and Oceanside neighbors really encouraged us! The youth involvement was also great to see, as they have the most at stake. And of course, there were some brilliant protest signs! See photos of our local Global Climate Strike protest in Oceanside below.

Any good or virtuous achievement by our generation will be completely overshadowed in history by how we destroyed a habitable climate for thousands of years. Please use your voice to support politicians and policies that put our children’s future first and protect nature. Stand up for science. Learn small things that you can do to make a difference. The time for action is now.

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