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Scott McGee photographing Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, WA. Photo by CrtrGrl
Scott McGee photographing Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, WA. Photo by CrtrGrl.


Welcome to Under Pressure Photography’s Top 10 Photos of 2018!  Thanks for following along on my adventures. I really appreciate the support you’ve all given me and the words of encouragement! Please let me know in the comments which photo is your favorite and why.

2018 Adventures

This past year was a little bit of a shift in focus. CrtrGrl and I spent a lot of time building out our FJ Cruiser for overland adventures and we’re still working on the next video and blog in the series. That series has been some of my most popular content.

Our big adventure for the year was taking the FJ out for a two week road trip up through California, Oregon and Washington. We camped in dispersed sites as much as possible (with a little time in an AirBnB in the middle). For me, it was a real test to not have everything planned out and know exactly where we were staying every night. But I grew to love the spontaneity and found that we discovered places we never would have found otherwise.

We also did some small dispersed camping trips out to Anza Borrego State Park, Big Bear, and the Mammoth Lakes area. We learned that 20F temps are the limit of our comfort zone for camping!

On the techie side, I finally set up a Postfix email server on our AWS EC2 instances, so we now have email for each domain that we own, with an unlimited number of email addresses.

Reducing Our Footprint

With the impacts of Anthropogenic Climate Change being felt more and more, we’ve focused on simplifying our life and reducing our environmental footprint. In last year’s Top 10 of 2017, I mentioned that I was inspired by minimalism. This year we took some big steps in that direction with the purchase of a 1993 Carpenter school bus we’ve named Skoolie Woolie (Instagram) and Tiny Living (blog). We’re in the process of converting him into an eco-friendly tiny house (see the last pic below). Follow us on Instagram to see the progress! In 2019, we’ll be shrinking our footprint, selling or donating a lot of our things and figuring out what we really don’t need.

Another major project we started in 2018 is the Big Green Heart Movement. Our goal is to make it easier for others to find green, eco-friendly replacements for commonly purchased items. We do a lot of research on each product we purchase and want to share that with everyone. We’ll be adding a product directory to the website and continuing to do lifestyle blogs. CrtrGrl has been busy sharing some of our favorite products on Instagram – @biggreenheartmovement. Please check it out if you’re interested in small/easy things you can do to reduce your impact on the planet.

Top 10 Photos of 2018

And now on to my Top 10 photos of 2018, in roughly chronological order. Let me know if you have a favorite!


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