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Below are my top ten favorite photos that I shot in 2013. The year brought with it new adventures both locally and on the road. Crtr Grl and I took a road trip to Olympic National Park, Washington and I got my second opportunity to dive with sevengill sharks in La Jolla, CA. We got lost at sea (for an hour) and we also completed our first half marathon in Las Vegas, NV. I didn’t do as much diving as in the past, but made up for it with adventures on land. Crtr Grl is working on getting SCUBA certified and that means we’ll be doing a lot more diving in the future!

2014 brings with it a lot of new opportunities, including a backpacking trip and a surprise we’ll be announcing after the new year. We’re super excited about all the adventures that await us. Now, without further ado are my top ten.



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